In Growing in the Garden, a weekly chug, children between ages 8-12 learn about nature and plant their own garden while boosting their self-esteem and gaining social skills.

The children choose a plot of land on which they grow the vegetables and flowers of their choice. The children learn how to nourish the soil with nutrients from compost and hummus and how to get the optimal amount of water from a drip irrigation system. As their plants grow, the children are encouraged to taste the fruit of their labors.

While celebrating annual holidays, the children learn how nature changes as the seasons change and the yearly cycle progresses.

In addition to their outside activities, the children also work in the art room, creating crafts with nature and decorations for their gardens.

The program focuses on building self-esteem, recognizing individual strengths and discovering how best to contribute to the group. Through the chug’s team building activities, based on trust and respect for each other and the land, the children learn to better communicate with others, improve social skills and gain self-confidence.

Hachamama Shel Elizabeth, a unique Therapy Center nestled within a garden nursery,
offers children and adults a variety of professional therapies and creative activities.

Clients work in the bright and spacious art room or outside by the trickling waters of the fishpond. A garden is also available for those who choose to grow their own flowers and vegetables. The combination of art and gardening provide added opportunities to choose the creative work that you will do within your therapy program.

Art Therapy

Express individuality and emotions through creating art.

Garden Therapy

Experience calm and joy while designing and growing your own garden.


Empower children through gardening and nature crafts.


Deepen bonds with others in interactive, creative and fun workshops.

Team Building

Strengthen ties while enjoying a dynamic workshop in a unique environment.
  • Elizabeth, a licensed art and garden therapist, worked for many years with children in the school system as well as children at risk. Her dream was to open an Art and Garden Therapy Center, offering children (and adults) the opportunity to face challenges in a warm, natural and creative environment. Her dream is now a reality, helping to make a difference in the lives of her clients, and their families as well as the community as a whole.
  • Stunning place and lovely and fun activity for the whole family! Highly recommended. We really enjoyed it! We were a family in the 10 to 50 age range, and it was a fun experience for all.
  • A magical and special place. Highly recommend!!
  • We are so grateful for the creativity, fun, curiosity and kindness that you both modeled and strengthened in our son.
  • Thank you Elizabeth for all your love and support and work with our daughter. Like your garden, you've helped her blossom.

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